Sustainability is at the heart of our operations

As we adapt our work culture, millions of items of office furniture are heading to landfill.  

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that 1.2m office desks and 1.8m office chairs end up in UK landfill each year. Just think about that…  


See Our Climate Contribution Milestones!​

Clear Workspace have contributed to the environment by planting 1000 trees throughout Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar and more!

100 Trees Planted
500 Trees Planted
1000 Trees Planted

Total Trees Funded

Check out how many trees we have funded so far and where they have been planted!

Senegal Azadirachta indica

25 Trees

Funded by: Clear Workspace
Species: Azadirachta indica
Tree numbers: 53,973,656 → 53,973,680