We Buy Office Chairs, Desks & More!

If you think your office clearance items may hold some value then let us know! Sell your office chairs directly to us for cash and you could save your company thousands of pounds in disposal costs!

Sell Used Office Furniture Directly to Us!

We buy various styles of office furniture, from mid-range to ultra high-end.

To qualify for an asset purchase, items must be in good condition and in multiples of 20+ (20 matching desks, for example). Exceptions to this would be high-end items such as Vitra or Herman Miller – in which case we make purchases in ones and twos.

Just complete our form, email or WhatsApp us images and quantities. We will assess the furniture and arrange a site visit to survey it in person. From here we will make you an offer for the furniture and arrange collection with a same-day payment.

We offer a PRICE MATCH or BETTER guarantee on ALL Herman Miller and Vitra chairs.

cash for unwanted furniture

We are an honest office clearance company, so if your furniture holds some value that you have missed or were perhaps unaware of, we will let you know – you may not need our office furniture recycling service after all!

Items we purchase alongside our office clearance service:

  • Single desks
    • Bench desks
    • Pedestals
    • Office chairs
    • Storage units
    • Sofas
    • Ultra high-end chairs
    • Meeting tables + chairs

Save time, make money. Sell used office chairs, desks and more to us today!

Benefits of selling your unwanted furniture to us

Head over to the Clear Workspace news section to find out more about our asset purchase service and how your business can benefit from selling your unwanted furniture directly to us.

We Buy Office Chairs

Our comprehensive approach to office clearance means that assets that require storing can be protected in our secure facility. Any office furniture stored at our facility is carefully handled by our trained teams to give you the confidence your items are in safe hands. Our facility is designed in a manner that ensures speedy access, offering a quick and convenient solution for an office clearance or relocation.

No More Landfill

We know that IT equipment is among a business’ most valuable assets. That’s why our facility utilises space and storage acumen to offer you a temporary or long-term home for your IT equipment – packed, handled and stored in a way that ensures their protection. If stored as part of an office relocation, your IT equipment can be retrieved and transferred with efficacy to their new home.

Get Paid For Your Unwanted Furniture

Our secure storage facility, conveniently located in Hertfordshire and within arm’s reach of Britain’s motorway network, is expressly designed to guarantee security, safe storage and easy access. Our responsive and timely approach means your belongings can be retrieved and delivered swiftly. Its proximity to London allows your assets to be stored and retrieved with minimum delay and fuss – delivering maximum efficiency, security and speed.

Documents & Data

We take a diligent approach to storing your documents and data. Data protection is a legal and regulatory imperative for firms, and has never been of greater importance, which is why we pack, handle and store documents with due care and consideration for their safeguarding. Our emphasis on the security of your documents and data makes our facility the ideal solution for short- or long-term storage.

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