We Donate 80% of Our Office Clearance Items to Ghana and UK Charities

Have you ever wondered where office clearance items might end up? Unfortunately its likely they’ll end up in landfill or at the local recycling yard. . . But not with us!

The Most Ethical Office Clearance

Clear Workspace has been working closely with partners across Africa and more recently the UK, ensuring used furniture, stationary, unwanted electronics and many other helpful items find their way to a new home.

Imagine the tonnes of ‘throw away’ items that go to waste each year on similar office clearance projects across the country, it’s sad to think that these items could have made school or business life for someone less fortunate that little bit easier!

We send items you wouldn’t necessarily assume get re-used like cutlery, clothing, whiteboards, and of course office furniture to Africa on a weekly basis. We even make the most of old Christmas decorations on nearly every office clearances we take on.

If you’d like more information or you’re in need of an ethical office clearance then don’t hesitate to get in touch. With larger clearances we are even able to get shipping containers dropped directly to site!

You can call us on 0208 150 1892 or email us via info@clearworkspace.co.uk. Alternatively you can actually WhatsApp our 0208 150 1892 number and quote “office clearance” followed by your location.